Monday, March 30, 2009

You liked it. You really liked it.

I thought I'd share a few more links to blogs and nice reviews from around the interwebs about my GDC talk.

Penultimate Level Design's Tinkergirl didn't actually attend the talk, but she obviously ended up at the Design Lair! Her (?) review is here.

Terminally Trivial twittered that he (?) attended and enjoyed the talk. Still waiting for that review though!

...and Stephen Jacobs (definitely a guy!) gives my talk a shout out on the Gamasutra Blog in his "Class Acts of GDC."

Thanks guys and gals for all the love!


Kilby said...

John Kilby a.k.a. Terminally Trivial here... it's taking me longer than expected to do a write-up. Apparently the rest of the world keeps moving during GDC, leaving me to play catch-up...

I'll talk about your session first since you requested it. :)

Scott Rogers said...

Hey John,

Looking forward to your review! I'll revise the link when it's up!