Saturday, March 28, 2009

Everything I Learned About Game Design I Learned From Disneyland

As promised, here are the slides from my GDC talk. We had a "sold out" crowd and I got to meet lots of nice people after the talk. Please share these with your friends and co-workers. According to show officials, video and audio will be available after the show. I'll post more info when I know it. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

That was a really informative and fun presentation. Makes me want to go to Disneyland!

Wormella said...

Great Minds think Alike! I have a lecture just like this I've been doing for the past few years on my Level Design Module at Stafforshire University.

Scott Rogers said...

Glad you enjoyed the talk. Go to Disneyland - you'll look at it in a totally different light.

Contact me about your lecutre and let's compare notes!

Unknown said...

referenced here by the people at NS2. This is quite awesome.

B. Jones, RWFIA said...

I am glad I am not the only one who has had this thought. Disneyland is definitely the best example that could be given. While I don't design games, many of the UI's I have designed do follow the "What would Walt do?" mentality.

T. Ryan Arnold said...

Man, I sure wish I had seen this. Looks like a great talk.

Also, you hit upon a business case to go to disneyland which is always respectable.

Jon said...

Dude, this was a GREAT talk. It was absolutely the highlight of my trip to GDC this year.
I love Disneyland...but you REALLY LOVE Disneyland!!! And I mean that in the best possible way.
Great information.
Outstanding presentation.

I almost didn't go because my flight was leaving pretty early, but I'm sooo glad I did.

nowhere said...

In the Left 4 Dead map commentary that Valve has been making on their blog I see a lot of the same stuff that you're talking about here. Especially lighting and guiding the player towards where you want them to go.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,

Again, thanks so much for the talk, and for posting the slides. Very informative, very fun. I'm making sure everyone in my class sees and learns from this.


Warf said...

One of the highlights of all my sessions at GDC over the years, easy to understand and very easy to relate to... Nicely done Scott!

Scott Rogers said...

@ Travin,
Glad you liked it. What is NS2? Please illuminate me.

@ Jon,
A friend told me he overheard someone after the talk say "That guy really knows level design and he really know Disneyland" - I'm just glad I'm able to share the two things I love with the rest of the gaming community.

@ B.Jones, Warf, Matt,
Thanks for attending the talk. I'm glad you all got something out of it. Please make sure to share the info with your co-workers.

@ Nowhere,
I attended the Valve talk at GDC - they definately knew what they were talking about. I look forward to playing Left 4 Dead!

@ Teknohed,
I think, at least, I inspired alot of developers to play hooky for a day and go to D-Land!

Joris Vervoort said...

Scott, this is really great. I hope that you post the video and sound asap so I can learn more about this topic. I'm just working on my master thesis about how a level designer can guide players around a level without the player knowing it. With other words "Leashing Patterns" The weenies is a great example.

Cheers m8 and thnx

Unknown said...

This was an awesome presentation; one of the best ones I went to, and one of my big GDC highlights! I'm still jabbering to my friends about this talk, so I'm definitely going to direct them over to here so they can see the slides.

Anonymous said...

This is on my Game Design test tomorrow...thanks a lot, asshole

Scott Rogers said...

@ Joris,
I was told the audio and/or video will be on-line soon. I'll post when it does.

Thanks for attending the talk and sending your friends over to the site! Keep jabbering away! Word of mouth is fine by me!

LOL. Good luck on your test!

Scott Rogers said...

@ amPMsupercool

Well, how did you do on your test?

What school do you go to? I'd be curious to know who is using my talk for their class!

Amy said...

Scott - I teach multiplayer game design @ USC -- I'd love to use your talk in my class -- if you're going to be in the LA area you could be a guest lecturer :) Otherwise I can use your slides (with attribution) -- do you have a PPT version? Thanks!

Amy Jo Kim amyjokim at gmail dot com

Jim said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Great article, I'm going to enjoy applying your concepts to an article I'm working on about level design in the Mario series.

I was also a massive fan of Maximo, and can really see what you're talking about there. Hopefully one day I can visit Disneyland.

Scott Rogers said...

@ stinkbiscuit,

Thanks for playing Maximo!

You really need to try to get to Disneyland some day. It really is worth the trip!

Unknown said...

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Amber Melton said...

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