Saturday, March 28, 2009

I guess I DID say that...

, one of the better video game related blogs I actually read, has printed a very complimentary article about my GDC talk. - in which I am quoted as saying "The Haunted Mansion is essentally a First Person Shooter" - I was talking about the way the omnimover directs what the guest sees in the same way that the environment should direct the player in a FPS.

This article is already starting to make the rounds to all the news feeds. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a HUGE Haunted Mansion fan (I proposed to my wife there, but that's another story), so having my name and the Haunted Mansion actually be a searchable topic on Google is pretty darn cool!

Speaking of a Haunted Mansion FPS, check out this rad Counterstrike mod on Youtube:


T. Ryan Arnold said...

Just read the Joystiq piece! Nice to read something positive about THQ. I really wish I could have seen your talk. I was stuck back in here in Agoura keeping the servers running.

Killer Moth said...

Sorry you missed it but thanks for keeping the servers running! It's ultimately more important!