Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sadly, no Barbara Crampton... but...

I am constantly amazed at the little gems that are stashed all over the interwebs. I found one tonight called "Deanimator" based on Lovecraft story "The Strange Case of Herbert West" (aka the "hero" in the movie Reanimator)

Skinny little Herbert has nothing between him and a horde of undead but his trusty six-shooter - which seems like it always need reloading. It also features some very nice animation. Pro-Tip: Use your mouse cursor to select the zombies rather than just "aiming" and shooting at the zombies.

It's very simple, very moody and very effective.


Mike Darga said...

That got pretty terrifying toward the end there. I only made it to level 10.

I like how matter-of-factly the game handles your death heh.

Scott Rogers said...

I agree. How quickly and immediately the zombies take you out adds to the creepiness!