Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pay $400 to read this post.

I just played Upgrade Complete, a very amusing shooter over at Kongregate - in which you have to buy and upgrade EVERYTHING in the game - including your ship, the graphics and even the copyright screen. It's a great statement on the state of micro-transactions.

I hope they do a second version as the game play is a little unchallenging - the enemies don't even fire back and there are no sound effects and I would have liked to see the graphics get really ridiculously detailed as they got upgraded but then again, it's just about you obsessing about getting more coins.

All-in-all a fun concept.


Paul Kankiewicz said...

That game was so much fun! Thanks for sharing! I love how you have to literally upgrade everything, even the loader. As you mentioned, I wish that the game was a little bit more difficult though.

Another great game that is very similar to Upgrade Complete is Genetos. Be warned though, this game is hard (Especially on the harder difficulties). I tried to find the site that I got it from, but it looks like it is currently unavailable. Just in case it starts working again in the future, the link is:

If it doesn't work when you try it, at least take a look at this Youtube video or something:

Scott Rogers said...

@ Paul,

Thanks for the link.

I'd love to see a "mainstream" game go the upgrade everything route. It would definately drive me to want to play more of a game. Although I did find that I really liked the Vetrex style art and was perfectly happy to play the rest of the game with it.