Sunday, June 17, 2018

Vertical slice advice

I was going through some old e-mails and I came across this bit of advice for a developer. Maybe one of you game developers will find it helpful...

IMHO, What should be in a vertical slice design-wise:
  • Camera view should be locked in, code-controlled camera movement should be in, player controlled camera controls should be usable
  • Player controls should be locked in and mapped to player functions
  • Player character model should be in and all animations required to support movement, combat, damage, death, idle and support moves should be in
  • Player distance metrics (walk/run speed, jump height, projectile distance, etc.) should be locked down and operational
  • The level should be navigatible from beginning to end and loading (sections) should work without popping or slow down
  • World collision detection system should be functioning without error, fall-through cracks, etc.
  • Any appropriate game navigation play mechanics (moving platforms, opening doors, etc.) should be in and functioning with appropriate accompanying player operation animations
  • Checkpoint system should be in and working
  • Level should be populated with enemies in regards to how they create the combat experience
  • Enemy logic, pathing system and AI should be in place, creating a representative combat experience
  • Enemies should have all associated movement, combat, reaction, death and idle animations
  • Enemy health system should be in and operating
  • All attacks (player and enemy) requiring projectiles and VFX (shockwaves, fire, cold VFX, etc.) should be in
  • Combat should represent the final experience in the game (feel, controls, damage system, animation, collision, effects, camera effects)
  • Player health system and HUD elements should be displayed and working
  • Representative level mechanics and hazards should be in – collision and damage effects should be functional
  • HUD should be in place and performing functions they are assigned to (score increase with kills, etc.)
  • Any inventory system should be working, additional screens supporting inventory and navigation should be in
  • Any progression system (experience, perks, etc.) should be functioning with representative HUD and in-game elements in
  • Any scoring system should be functioning with representative HUD and in-game elements in
  • Any pickups (health, ammo, etc.) should be in the game and performing their functions. Preferably with associated special effects)
  • Economy system (if applicable) should be in place with associated pickups (coins, etc.)
  • Any unusual game play and player movement functionality should be represented (mini-game, zip-line, flying, underwater, etc.) with associated controls, camera, animations, etc.
  • Temporary sound effects should be in
  • Temporary music track should be in
  • Place holder cutscenes/animatics should be in

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