Thursday, March 20, 2014

Second Edition of Level Up! available for pre-order!

Super-exciting! The second edition of Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design is now available for PRE-ORDER at

You'll notice right away something different about Level Up! 2nd Edition - that's right, the cover is ORANGE!
Why the color change? I wanted to let Level Up! readers know that this new edition isn't just a few corrections or a couple of pages of content updates - there is a lot of NEW content throughout the entire book! The gaming industry has changed quite a bit since I wrote Level Up! in 2009 and I wanted the new edition to reflect that. Here's a few of the new topics covered in the second edition:
  • Designing for mobile games
  • Monetization strategies
  • Free to Play and other publishing models
  • Touch screen controls
  • In-depth look at Game Genres
  • In-depth look at combat (and non-combat) mechanics
  • New illustrations!
  • An introduction by God of War creative director David Jaffe
  • and yes... a BRAND NEW CHILI RECIPE!!!
Now before you rush over to buy your copy of Level Up! 2nd edition, I ask that you please consider ordering through the link on this blog. You'll find it located on the right. Just look for the ORANGE cover to Level Up! 2nd edition. 
As a brand-spanking new member of Amazon's Author Affiliate program, I get a small percentage on every book sold this using the link. In fact, I have several links to great items sold on Amazon and I'd appreciate your business when you use the link to pre-order your copy of Level Up! 2nd edition.

Speaking of Amazon, if you like Level Up! 2nd edition and want to write a review on Amazon about the book, I would really really really appreciate it. Every review helps spread the word about the book and I was honored to receive so many great reviews for Level Up! the first time around, I hope you all do it again for Level Up! 2nd edition.

Thanks and happy reading!


Unknown said...

Hi Scott! I'm a developper from Brazil, and the 1st edition is a very good book(loved the chilli receipt), looking forward to buy the second one. I have some questions myself about developping, if we could tal by e-mail would be nice (:

here's my contact

thanks and congratulations for the success of your book!

Unknown said...

Hi Scott! I'm a developper from Brazil, the 1st edition was launched here, and I loked it very much (loved it the chilli receipt) and I'm looking forward to have the second one.

If we could talk a little bit about development stuffs, I would be very grateful! Here's my contact

Thanks in advance

Scott Rogers said...

Hi Elsio,
I'm glad you enjoyed first edition of Level Up! What did you want to know about game development? I will do my best to answer your questions.

Unknown said...

Hi Scott, we spoke on Twitter yesterday, would like to talk to you more about game design.


John Bailer

Scott Rogers said...

Hi John,

You can find my personal e-mail to the right under my picture. I look forward to talking with you!