Sunday, November 25, 2018

Well, Hello There.

You might have noticed that a little time has passed between my last blog entry in June and now, which is November.

Here's what I've been up to.

I was laid off from my job at an awesome LBE VR company (LBE stands for Location Based Experience, VR stands for Virtual Reality and company stands for... you know.) which kicked off a nice bout of depression that I had to stuff down as I went on interviews because no one wants to hire a mopey game designer.

However, as a result of all of this interviewing I learned a thing or two about myself and the industry. The first is, most of these people out there seem REALLY UNHAPPY about their jobs. And if they are unhappy, I think I would be unhappy too. I don't need that. I have my own f'd up brain to keep me unhappy, I don't need work to do that for me either.

Secondly, I have come up with a new credo for myself pertaining to work and that is: "Anyone who isn't thrilled to be working with me, doesn't deserve to work with me." I have worked for all types of people and most of them were d*cks. I'm tired of making money for d*cks. I want to make money for (well, myself) people who are genuinely nice people and who are happy to be working with me. Anyone else can go kick a bucket.

I did find some contract work with a cool little video game company and that helped a little. They are great people and the kind of "not-d*cks" I enjoy working with and for.

Other than that, it was a tough summer. However, my friends at the New York Film Academy offered me a position which I accepted. So I am back teaching classes and also doing a few other things as well. I am teaching a "writing comic books" class which is starting to refuel my design to create a new Bedbug comic. I don't care if anyone else cares, I want to do it for myself. Which is the other thing I learned over the summer. Don't worry about others when you are creating something, if it is good, it will find a home.

There was also some other bad stuff, a fire that almost burnt up my house (it didn't), a friend who was killed by a gunman (so senseless) and several other friends who's loved ones are suffering from or dying from cancer. As a cancer survivor (you don't "fight cancer" you just survive it or you don't) I feel bad - not just for their loss and pain, but as someone who has survived it. Cancer surviors feel guilt from this all of the time. Like we need one more thing to feel bad about. :(

I doubt if anyone will read this, but if you do, I guess my message is "don't be a d*ck" and "show compassion to people going through bad stuff" - it only takes a little bit of effort to not be so self-centered. Give it a try.