Monday, July 30, 2012

You can help... with the Four R's!

Hey all,

The next book in the "! saga" is out and I call it "Swipe This! The Guide To Great Touchscreen Game Design" by Scott Rogers. It looks like this:

"Swipe This!" is all about designing great games for anything with a touch screen. It contains everything you liked about "Level Up!" - tons of first-hand practical game design knowledge, useful advice and hundreds of goofy original illustrations by yours truly. This time we even have interviews with noted and up-and-coming game developers and analyses of successful touchscreen games so you can learn from their success. "Swipe This!" is available everywhere and in every format books are sold: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kindle, etc.

Now, I'm sure you're asking yourself "This is fantastic news Scott but how can I help?" By doing the FOUR R's:

1) READ - Read "Swipe This!", enjoy "Swipe This!" If you already own a copy, have I mentioned it makes a great gift for anyone who loves video games?

2) REQUEST - What if you can't find "Swipe This!" at your local bookstore or library? Have no fear. Request them to carry it. Ask a friendly employee if they'd please order and stock a copy or two.

3) RECOMMEND - If you enjoy "Swipe This!" don't keep it to yourself! Tell a friend or family member about it. Or go onto a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter and tell the inter webs how much you enjoyed "Swipe This!"

4) REVIEW - If you really enjoyed "Swipe This!" feel free to review it. On your blog, on, in your local newspaper, on another website. Every review out there helps make the book that much more of a success. Please let the world know about "Swipe This!" and why they would enjoy it too! Just let me know when you've reviewed it and I'll re-post the link or shout-out the magazine.

That's it! Just follow the four R's and let's spread the word about "Swipe This!"

Thanks in advance,