Monday, October 24, 2011

Still not dead.

So, I might be the world's most infrequent blogger but I'm not dead. I've just been busy. Let me sum up this summer for you:

1) The final EARTH's video game design class finished up with the kids making their own levels. I realized that 8 weeks wasn't enough time for them to really get comfortable with the tools so next year's class is either going to have to go longer or I'm gonna have to have them dive in on week one.

2) I left my job of (almost) 7 years at THQ.

3) I started a new job at Walt Disney Imagineering. If any of you have been reading this blog, you know the significance of that to me. And no, I a) can't get you into the park for free and b) get you a job at Disney (yet) and c) make that change to the attraction you think they should make.

4) I'm writing another book. I don't want to spill the beans on what it is yet, but if you liked "Level Up!" then you will like this one.

I hope that tides you over for now and look to this space for some exciting announcements soon!