Friday, May 11, 2018

The race towards Gen-Con 2018!

Hey all,

I unfortunately was laid-off from my job this week and while I conduct a search for work, I want to make the best use of the time as possible. While I currently have a dozen designs in various states of production - there are five of them that I feel like are pretty close to completion, testing and/or pitching.

I will try to maintain some level of discipline and chronicle the next month as I march towards game completion.

Here are the candidates for completion:

Castle Climbers
This is a tile-laying family game I created with my daughter who drew all of the art. This one is pretty much done other than updating the rule book with the new artwork. (90% complete)

A Town Called Showdown
I've had the two-player version of this card and dice game pretty well tested but when I pitched it around last year, all of the publishers said they wanted the game to go up to four players. I've been play testing the new four player saloon map and I'm pretty confident in it. I am also updating the rule book. (85% complete)

This one has been in testing for awhile and while the core game is solid (I've almost sold it twice) I've been told it needs a little more to it. I have some interesting ideas and I just need to create the new assets to lift this game to the next level. (75% complete)

Lair of the Lich Lord
I love dungeon crawlers and sure, they have been done to death, but I think I have a fun twist on the genre that will make for a really unique game. More on this later. (40% complete)

Superhero Game
Yeah, I know everyone has one of these, but I've been working on superhero game with a unique twist that I think will be very intriguing. More on this one later. (40% complete)

Spook Rock Road
I have this concept for a game based on 80's horror paperbacks and American car culture. Still early days on this one but I am hoping it will come together quickly. (15% complete)

OK, let's see how this goes! Wish me luck!