Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Wiley & Sons is publishing a SECOND EDITION of Level Up!

Since Level Up!'s release in 2010, the game industry has evolved with the rise of mobile gaming, social gaming, monetization and touch controls. (to name a few) Level Up! 2nd edition has been completely revised to address these topics and more - expanding on everything in the first edition. There's even a new introduction by God of War's David Jaffe, new artwork and a delicious new chili recipe! I hope you'll find Level Up! 2nd edition a home on your game design bookshelf.

Level Up! Second Edition will be released this summer everywhere books and e-books are sold.


grodog said...

How does the content compare to version 1, Scott: is all of the content from the first edition in the second edition, too?


Scott Rogers said...

Hi Allan,

Every topic that is covered in Level Up! is still in the second edition. The new book expands on the topics, updates references, has new images and addresses topics that have become important to game design in the four years since the first addition came out.

I hope you enjoy it!