Saturday, June 30, 2012

Well, hello there!

I haven't been ignoring you, honest. In reality, I've been pretty busy. Here's what's NEW:

New JOB! Disney Imagineering! No, I can't get you free tickets to Disneyland and I can't talk about any details about my job, but let's just say I see ten amazing things a week.

New BOOK! Swipe This! The Guide to Great Touch Screen Game Design can be bought anywhere a book or e-book can be bought (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kindle, etc.).

New TALK! I delivered a talk on "The Other Side of the Table: Pitching to Publishers" this spring at the Game Developers Conference. The slides will be posted here soon.

New INTERVIEW! I talked to Joe Method (owner of the swankiest jacket ever) about Level Up!, Swipe This!, video games and life in general. You can hear it for FREE here: or on iTunes here: (episode 11)

New... aw, look at that PUPPY! IT'S SOOOO CUTE!

Sorry about that.

New STUFF! Eventually. Awesomeness like the Swipe This! T-shirt! and more super-opinioned articles from yours truly.

See you soon!

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