Monday, May 16, 2011

Robot in the Corner Podcast interview

So about a month ago, I gave an amazingly fantastic interview with the boys at "Robot in the Corner" (Titus, Wes and Dean) who do a podcast for Game Informer's website.

I was on fire. I was hilarious (if I do say so myself), I was doing voices, I was telling stories... and at the end of the 2 hour interview, the RitC guys told me the show didn't record.

Flash forward a month and I finally got around to take 2 of the interview. It's a fun interview in which we learn, we laugh... dare I say... we love video games.

Listen to it HERE! NOW!


Dean said...

Thanks for mentioning the show on your website! I feel bad for correcting you, but it's Titus, Wes, and Dean (not Warbuff, though he is one of our top listeners who has been following us since the beginning.)


Unknown said...

Thank you Scott for answering my question on the podcast. Not surprisingly it is the answer I would have given myself and have given to others.
I assure you the job of contract game testing is very real in the Pacific Northwest. It's common for Devs and Publishers here to have a cadre of 6-12 FTE leads of varying responsibilities that hire and manage a bulk team of contractors on a per project basis. Technically my job title is Test Associate but I find it easier to tell friends I'm a contract tester.
At any rate I need to buckle down and create something like you said. I've dabbled in so many editor and creation tools but only ever seem to finish levels on console; nothing on PC that I could put on a USB stick and take around to interviews. I'm in the industry sure, but I guess I've been waiting for that invitation back into design. With the help of level up though I'm making good progress on design documents for an idea I have.
Thanks for everything and here's hoping our paths cross one day.
-Rob Kehoe "Warbuff"

P.S. if someone has level up on their ipad just have them open whatever paint program those things have and scribble down a level with the tip of your finger.

Unknown said...
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Scott Rogers said...

Hey Robert, sorry I couldn't be more helpful but thanks for the info on contract testing. It makes more sense as test cycles can be erratic.

People have suggested I use a sharpie to draw their level on their iPads while others asked me if I could email them a jpg. A little more effort for me, but not a bad thought. :)

And I deleted your second comment 'cause for some reason it posted twice.