Monday, June 21, 2010

Level Up! advance copies in hand!

That's right, I received my advanced copies of Level Up! this weekend and it is thick!

Here are ten reasons to pre-order at your favorite e-tailer or bookstore (or just click link to the right!) Level Up! RIGHT NOW!

1) It has over 15 years of video game design experience packed into one book
2) Over 400 original illustrations and diagrams
3) It's funny (at least that's what I'm told)
4) It contains a full outline for writing a Game Design Document and making pitches
5) It has hand exercises to prevent cramping from playing games
6) It contains an award-winning chili recipe
7) Did I mention it's thick!? (almost 500 pages of Game Design goodness!!)
8) Anyone who buys the book is entitled to a custom made unique and free level design
9) All the cool kids are doing it
10) I will be your best friend forever


Hunty said...

What, no comments yet???

This book is awesome! Thank you so much, Scott! I'm only halfway through, but have already found tons of useful advice in it; just the first chapter alone gave me the epiphany that I can use animatics to quickly and clearly convey my ideas to my team, since I'm good at throwing them together quickly (in the same way that you use comics to communicate ideas to your teams).

After being disappointed with countless other "game design" books and websites that are entirely theoretical and don't have any practical content, I'm overjoyed to read something where I'm constantly finding USEFUL stuff to improve my projects!


Scott Rogers said...

No, thank you Hunty (if that is your real name) for buying and reading Level Up! (and for the nice review!)

I hope you find the other half of the book just as useful!